Monday, February 28, 2011

Open Circle, that is after all what I feel we are. All of us.


      Though I feel like I am inviting you to a party that you are already attending.  We are all standing in an open circle no matter how far apart we may feel.  The distance is nothing at all.  Here you can read about and participate in events and creations that bring wholeness to life.  Healing, Beauty, Creativity, to name a few.  Nothing is separate nothing is lower or higher then anything else.  The art of being as a whole is sacred in its self.  The point to life is simple, to have and be in bliss and to pass through fear beyond judgment.  All of life is sacred, from quiet times in the trees to alone time with lovers.  There are tools and understandings that we are all given from nature to live in balance and bring grater knowing of our selves each other and our beautiful planet.  That is what we can share about here in out open circle.