Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It is time to call and declare this circle

The equinox is here
The most lovely time of year for me though I love the cycle of the Mother in all her expressions the fall touches me sweetly. I feel my soul and the souls of others so deeply for me this is a time of deep intimacy with the heart of the world around me.  I celebrate all that came before me.  I dance with pride and joy on the last night of October I let my tears flow and feel the gifts.  My Mother who left this earth through lung cancer. My sweet uncle who loved me just the way I was and saw me deeply. Crossed that same Winter from lymphatic Cancer and One of the deepest loves of my life My beloved teacher Owl who left this life when I was 28 from pancreatic Cancer.  The year before she walked across so did my Grandfather.  All of them became a part of the world  around me.  Everything they taught me stays in my heart.  I think of friends and lovers that have moved on and the gifts that where left behind.  My walk with a fellow healer whom is the founder of Engage Love  Keith B. gave me a strong gentle, reminder of how to invite love and joy into wounds and the people who inflict them.  Through him I was able to connect to forgiveness of self and of others.  I am able to feel love for my genetic Father who was so abusive that he forever altered my Mother and and wounded two of his sons to the point that they carry his rage and pain as something to hurt them selves with.  I am able to feel compassion and gratitude this man that stood in front of me as a small child and said "that right there is not mine thats yours take IT in the other room.   I can feel forgiveness for and freedom from men who violated me in the past.  The tools that he shared also help me to stay in forgiveness of my self.   Now when I dance and celebrate from the 31st to the day of the dead in November. Within sorrow there is joy and even the shadows that we fear and hold a anger with hold gifts and release wonderful joy when they are seen and heard.

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  1. May you be blessed with beautiful souls attending your circle April 1st. I, of course, will be sending you beautiful thoughts from Colorado. The next day is my husbands 61st birthday and I am dragging him somewhere to celebrate!