Thursday, January 5, 2012

Intuitive Readings and Healing Work

With Anne Marie Available at a very Low rate till the end of February.

$40 for a one hour session

$60 for two hour couples sessions

The new year has begun and the days are growing a little longer and brighter.  Energy is now moving back into a cycle of expansion. It is the time to get clear and set intention for the soul garden of your life in the coming year.  Love is celebrated as spring comes close and in honor of Love I will keep couples readings at $60 for a two hour session till the end of February.

 I am available for readings over the phone,  If you want a reading in person I am located in Sonoma CA I am willing to travel to the Bay Area for   Small groups.
At the end of February rates will return to $100 an Hour.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Purple Cows

   I do intend to publish a sweet Yule Tide poem for the season. My heart has been flooded with love for all  people that have touched my life with care and love and that are touching it now.  I found my self sharing this moment of true love from my Mother whom was also was my teacher and friend.  I was struck with the gift that she gave me in the moment and that I felt so much love of self for all the things that I once felt so much shame. Love has no shelf life it waits
 for you to notice always.
At that moment in time I did not know the power and the beauty of the fierce and loving battle that my Mother fought for my purple cows.  I did not see at the time the beautiful protective wolf woman that so many times would fight for my humanity so hard that she would even fight me if I forgot myself.
    The battle of the purple cow was short and to the point.  I was in a class room full of children that where not like me at all.  Being taught by a woman who perceived me as a drain on her time. Time better spent on teaching children whom could “benefit more from her attention.”
    It was getting to be spring in a small town in Arkansas called Mountain Home.  We where all in the first grade and being asked to color a wonderful scene of farm animals with their young on a sunny spring day.  I thought that it was a wonderful assignment.  The sun had a big chubby cheek smile and was looking down on the farm with big black button eyes.  Animals looked at their young with big smiles in the corner there was even a mama daisy and a daddy daisy holding one another’s petals and looking down at a smaller daisy with sighing pride.
    I thought that the picture wondrous, it filled me up with joy and reminded me of a Disney cartoon that I had once seen with two trees that had fallen in love and where surrounded by dancing flowers. My imagination ran riot I outlined all the smiles in bright colors.  I made the horse family dappled roans like my Mama’s jumping horse.  I added smiling butterflies and put in a small rainbow.  By the time I got to the barn and the cows I was on a roll.  They where in the center of the picture and one of the larger animals so I went wild and colored them my favorite color in the whole world. Purple, with periwinkle feet no less, except the baby she had pink feet.
    Some time had gone by and the teacher was going from desk to desk making comments.  I never really looked forward to getting her attention for any length of time.  Even a child can feel when they are thought of as a problem all the time.  She took my picture off the desk and said well I see that you like bright colors and the rainbow is nice but, sweetie what color is this cow?  I thought the question odd she had a color chart on the wall behind her big as life.  Purple I said, every one laughed at me that was nothing new.  I was always getting laughed at and teased or worse.  She said to me “Now Anne are cows Purple?”  Not all cows I answered but my cows are purple.  This is supposed to be a day on the farm.  Have you ever seen a purple cow on a farm? At this point I looked down face red with embarrassment and anger.  Answer me. No.  Class what are some colors of cows.  through snickers I heard white, black, brown, red.  I need you to do the picture right at home and bring it back to class tomorrow.  I was so angry.  Why couldn’t I have a purple cow?  The sun did not have a big silly grin on it and daisy's did not raise there young I was six but I lived on a ranch and I knew better.  I went home in a mopey funk I fed my dog and plopped in a chair to do my homework with frown.  Is that math my mother asked ? Change your attitude and it wont be so hard. She knew that it was not my favorite subject.  Noooo I said in a long wine. I have to color a picture again because teacher did not like mine.

    Well that should be fun for you. You love to color, what was wrong with the first one?  “My cows are purple and that’s not right”.  My mother took the one I had colored and said this is wonderful there is nothing wrong with purple cows.  She says I need to make them like they would be on a real farm in the spring.  My mother belly laughed and said this looks nothing like a real farm.  I smiled up at her,  she seemed to get me some how.  All the silly grins and the (big word I did not get at the time) I later learned that anthropomorphizing  is to assign or project human behavior on to animals.  But at the time I just said, What?  Animals are not people they have feelings and there own ways about them but it is not like us,  a horse smiles or frowns with its whole body it can let you know that it is happy by pricking its ears forward and calling to you.  A mare lets her baby know that she cares and all is well by grooming the baby not grinning like that.
   There is nothing real in this picture but it is fun and joyful and I think you did a fine job coloring it.  She wrote a note on the back that I did not read and back to class I went with my purple cows.  After class my mother was called and her and my teacher spoke about why my cows where not to be purple.  That it would help me a great deal to be more like the other children in the class.  That in fact I was so different it might be better to put me in a school with other children like me.  My mother fumed at the teacher and said that there was nothing wrong with my mind.  The teacher sputtered on saying that my differences stood out and that I had no friends in class.  My Mother said that perhaps if the teacher acted more comfortable with me the students would as well.  That she had tried to home school me and the district would not allow it  and there was no way in Hades that I was going to be packed off to a school for children with Cerebral Palsy to learn how to make key chains and pot holders.  I had a perfectly good mind.  The teacher stood her ground and said that I would not be getting any credit for this assignment.  My Mama took me to the car angry and a little sad.  I said I am sorry Mama.  She got real intent and looked at me  she said Anne Marie you look me in the eye you did not do anything wrong.  There is nothing wrong with being different and there is nothing wrong with you.  Spirit knows this world can use a hell of allot more purple cow’s.
    Years later I realized that I was a purple cow,  Joyful beyond my supposed  limits and raised by a woman that  raised me to dance as if no one was watching I did too.   Till my teens and the need for others to  think well of me took over. I think it is time to get back to my inner purple cow.

Monday, October 10, 2011

For Me The Fall Equinox is Also a Time to Honor

My whole life is a powerful teacher, as it is with everyone I am sure. I was blessed to be born to a woman who was driven to know love and bring it into her every day life in simple and magical ways.  The price was to grow up with someone who was more a friend and teacher then a Mother.  This was one of the challenges that caused me to be a rather hard headed student.  No matter, I got it honest she was more of an expert at being strong willed then me. I had no idea what I had.  I wanted to do girl scouts instead I went to all of her womans groups and had lessons in focus and meditation.  I practiced the "roll your eyes at mom" technique while doing guided meditation till I was about 13 years old.   Then I really wanted to know.  When she was teaching me we where a team fellow explorers excited about the trip.  When the lessons ended we fought like cats and dogs.  By the time I reached 16 the only time we spoke is when I did my lessons or helped with her healing group.  She was strong and  an undeniable force of nature and I was the apple off the tree.  We later confessed to each other that we both felt annoyed about the whole mother daughter thing and just wanted to be friends.  Once that was "ok" so where we.  And we felt more like Mother and Daughter then ever. I was on my own.

Took a small brake from formal spiritual lessons to get married and realllly learn a thing or two from a wonderful sexy red head of a husband who mostly taught me how to play and like sex.  It may be a short paragraph my dear Rich, but I do honor you for letting me be silly and joyful and awkward as well as sexy and powerful.  Kisses wild man, I still love you to this day.

After I left my husband I was eager to serve and did it where ever I could. Temple of Love, I was a Reader and a healer at Ancient Ways and created ritual for my brothers and sisters in that tribe.  I was still hungry for something I did not know what.

I had served my beloved friend Randy Ellis as a client and he said that I needed to do H.uman A.wareness I.nst. He felt so strongly about it he gave me level one as a gift and that was it.  HAI was the place where I was called to fall more in love with my self and to be true who I am not just what I was taught.  I did six levels back to back the same year I attended massage classes in an effort to ground more in my body.  HAI grounded me more then the massage classes did.  My original goal with HAI was to learn how to be a better wife and marry again.  My hubby had given me feed back that I seemed to be off in another world and always working or "working on something" and that when I was with him I did the same "worked to make him happy."  It was true.  HAI was the permission that I needed to be, just be. I am still not married to a partner though I am most certainly alive and in my body for better or worse.
If you seek love in ANY of its forms give a look.  If Rich and I had found HAI I would never have left him.

This brings me to one of the more powerful teachers that I have run into. Peter Rengle.  He devotes a large amount of his time to HAI and he is a profound teacher? guide?  counselor?   He is very hard to label. Even though I had my Rich and learned that men could be soft and caring and took risks with male lovers after our marriage that where fun and worth it. I was still angry and afraid, HAI was pushing on that and I was resisting with all my might.  My Mom had been a counselor and was armed with all kinds of tools and tricks to get over my fear and anger that did not work.  I was told to "charge burning barns" if I was afraid and could think of no logical reason why go toward it not away from it.  The first time I had Peter as a teacher I was so nervous and scared of him for no real reason that I could label.  So I sucked it up thought of something "nice" to tell him and charged forth.  When he turned and gave me his attention the fear was awful loud and the wind went out of my charge. I blurted my "nice" thing to say and felt sad and even more scared that the fear did not dissipate. I felt shame, and I felt nutty for feeling any of it in the first place.  I turned to go, and he said do not just go away stand here a minute.  My body begged me to lie make some excuse, in fact it would have been the truth because I was like a scared kid and I had to pee.

To my surprise I made a real attempt to explain why I was acting like a goober. It was stop and start and sounded painfully foolish.  He just stood and looked straight at me  and soon I felt safer and seen.    What stayed with me was the feeling that he had no story no judgment.  After that I bought his book "Living Life in Love".  The storm that was coming up around my feelings about men prompted me to fall in love with a very wild woman  she showed me that women could be just as fearsome as men.  She scared the crap out of me in fact, and demanded that I go to counseling for it.  I chose to go to Peter.  I hated counseling.  I went to him because I felt some how I could trust him.  She went to another counselor.  It was not counseling it was more real it was very healing and empowering.  I have done counseling and this was better you go to a counselor with a bump on your head and after sharing with them. They can deduce that you have run into a tree over and over in your garden  because your father taught you it was bad to walk on flag stone paths. Then, you go home and know full well what you are doing as you hit the tree for the hundredth time . Peter was just as effective at helping you get clear.  Then he asked What do you want to do? I was strongly guided to act according to my truth and given real grounded feed back about my action plans.  I parted with the lover but stayed with the work with Peter as long as I could afford it. There is something real and alive about his work I think because he still does work with him self and is very real with his clients.  I am thankful for the tools that I use when afraid. He taught me a gentle version of the "burning barn"  I ask my self is this happening right now?  I breath, I give my self some love and THEN I act.  To find out more about his empowering work or get a copy of "Living Life in Love" go to

Fall, is a time to slip softly inward.

    Fall is a time for each person to slip inward sweetly.  Such a powerful equinox. It is a time of closeness between the world of the seen and the unseen. That includes our own inner world.  It is a time to reflect and a time to honer the dead.  Both with in and without. This is not just restricted to people that have crossed over.  We all have dreams that gave way to the dance of the life that we accentually ended up being blessed with.  We all have lovers and friends that stood with us for a time and then for what ever reason walked on to another path. Take time to reflect and really look at the things that you have let go of.  The people you have parted from.  See if the heart is more open and recalling love and laughter more then separation and pain. Go into the places that feel stuck and painful see if you can have compassion for yourself and them.  Allot of my new age brothers and sisters talk a great deal about unresolved feelings taking energy from us or chords (connections) that we have with others "draining" our vital energy.  Our energy on the higher plain is endless and we share that with our bodies.  No one can take it with out us choosing to give it.  That has to do with where beings focus.  There by it is a thing of change of intent. people feel dismayed when they focus on cutting chords with others or use "clearing" methods only to make the issue worse.  A being can not control others or their intentions.  The same being however can transcend ANYTHING if the focus they hold dictates it.  Nelson Mandela is a powerful example of the power of focus.  Simple is not always an indication of ease. One must be tenacious to pull focus from the external to the internal as well as from what waists energy to what feeds and expands energy.  When we linger too long with what is dead to us and indulge in regret and beat ourselves for "failing"  the focus is on the failing so we fail more.  If we hasten to dump the body and run we are caught in the web of denial and we can not move on. Our feet drag through thick heavy fears of facing what we left behind us.  Soon the fear turns to ice and get you become frozen in the same patterns. So when you as a practitioner use smudge, salt, stones, symbols to "Clear" this is a good practice. And the energies of nature will come to aid you.  Guide your focus inward toward a practice of love instead of the outward practice of control on external forces and influences.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Energy Medicine with Sophia Othman

Sophia Othman
Energy Medicine Practitioner
Certified Massage Therapist
Registered Nurse

     Sophia is a graduate of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine School through Inner source.  She came to alternative healing from a mainstream background.  Sophia was simply seeking meaning to her own life. She started out asking questions that we all ask sooner or later.  Why are we here?  What is this all about?
     At a Paul Lowe workshop she had an opening to spirit.  “I was participating in the workshop when I had a physical experience of energy running through my body.”  She told me.  “That was it, that was what I needed, to feel it in my body, to see it.” “Later in the same workshop a healer worked on me and I felt the shift.”  A hug given with awareness moved the experience to a Tantric level for her.  Sophia continued to explore her new reality through Human Awareness Institute and by delving into Osho’s books.  She submersed herself in the study of massage to better understand and sharpen her intuition.
     It was not long before she wanted to go deeper.  Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine was the perfect fit for her. “Donna was different.” Said Sophia,  “You could see the change and test the bodies systems without invading or disrupting them.” “ The most valuable point for me though is that I can empower my clients with what they need to keep well.” I can teach my clients what I know and it will work for them.”  The system that Sophia uses and teaches is based strongly on Chinese medicine.  It works with the wheel of elements earth, air, fire, wood, and metal. According to Sophia Donna did not stop there she traveled to meet with shamans and healers in many indigenous tribes and learned what worked for them.   I have had many effective sessions with Sophia myself. One minute I will have my meridians worked then shift into the Hopi pain technique. On a personal note the Hopi pain holds are among my favorites. I was a sufferer of deep and debilitating chronic pain.  I am pain free and thrilled. 
     I asked Sophia what would be good from her practice for the shift from Winter to Spring?  “ Well, be aware, invite the shift, open to it breath.  Go out side find some way to put your hands in the earth.”   “There are other things as well.” “ware green more. “     
         Wood is the element of spring.”   If you are the kind of person who leaps into the season and sunny days fill you with energy and excitement.  Mix your Wood with Metal (the green with a little silver or white) it will cool the wood a bit. And do you r five-minute routine every day that is a wonderful way to ground and get all that energy to be blissful less manic.       
      Most people though are on the other end of the spectrum feeling stuck in winter and depressive.  If you are having a tough time getting going as we near the equinox I still recommend the five-minute routine for you as well as that sit in a pleasant environment for five minutes and place one palm over you forehead(be sure to include  your hair line) and balance the hold in front with a palm across the back of your head.  Remember to do this for five minutes.  The point is to let energy flow depression comes to visit when we repress our feelings and thoughts.
 (Authors Comment) Let it go, let it flow.  Do not fight your sadness feel it.  Invite more joy in nurture your pain love it with compassion and joy.  By doing this springs thaw will move you.  Below you will find links to the five-minute routine and a useful practice for vigor and good immunity called the spinal flush.  Sophia Othman’s e-mail is also provided.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It is time to call and declare this circle

The equinox is here
The most lovely time of year for me though I love the cycle of the Mother in all her expressions the fall touches me sweetly. I feel my soul and the souls of others so deeply for me this is a time of deep intimacy with the heart of the world around me.  I celebrate all that came before me.  I dance with pride and joy on the last night of October I let my tears flow and feel the gifts.  My Mother who left this earth through lung cancer. My sweet uncle who loved me just the way I was and saw me deeply. Crossed that same Winter from lymphatic Cancer and One of the deepest loves of my life My beloved teacher Owl who left this life when I was 28 from pancreatic Cancer.  The year before she walked across so did my Grandfather.  All of them became a part of the world  around me.  Everything they taught me stays in my heart.  I think of friends and lovers that have moved on and the gifts that where left behind.  My walk with a fellow healer whom is the founder of Engage Love  Keith B. gave me a strong gentle, reminder of how to invite love and joy into wounds and the people who inflict them.  Through him I was able to connect to forgiveness of self and of others.  I am able to feel love for my genetic Father who was so abusive that he forever altered my Mother and and wounded two of his sons to the point that they carry his rage and pain as something to hurt them selves with.  I am able to feel compassion and gratitude this man that stood in front of me as a small child and said "that right there is not mine thats yours take IT in the other room.   I can feel forgiveness for and freedom from men who violated me in the past.  The tools that he shared also help me to stay in forgiveness of my self.   Now when I dance and celebrate from the 31st to the day of the dead in November. Within sorrow there is joy and even the shadows that we fear and hold a anger with hold gifts and release wonderful joy when they are seen and heard.

To find out more about Keith go to 

To register: e-mail
call: 707 295 8097

Monday, February 28, 2011

Open Circle, that is after all what I feel we are. All of us.


      Though I feel like I am inviting you to a party that you are already attending.  We are all standing in an open circle no matter how far apart we may feel.  The distance is nothing at all.  Here you can read about and participate in events and creations that bring wholeness to life.  Healing, Beauty, Creativity, to name a few.  Nothing is separate nothing is lower or higher then anything else.  The art of being as a whole is sacred in its self.  The point to life is simple, to have and be in bliss and to pass through fear beyond judgment.  All of life is sacred, from quiet times in the trees to alone time with lovers.  There are tools and understandings that we are all given from nature to live in balance and bring grater knowing of our selves each other and our beautiful planet.  That is what we can share about here in out open circle.