Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall, is a time to slip softly inward.

    Fall is a time for each person to slip inward sweetly.  Such a powerful equinox. It is a time of closeness between the world of the seen and the unseen. That includes our own inner world.  It is a time to reflect and a time to honer the dead.  Both with in and without. This is not just restricted to people that have crossed over.  We all have dreams that gave way to the dance of the life that we accentually ended up being blessed with.  We all have lovers and friends that stood with us for a time and then for what ever reason walked on to another path. Take time to reflect and really look at the things that you have let go of.  The people you have parted from.  See if the heart is more open and recalling love and laughter more then separation and pain. Go into the places that feel stuck and painful see if you can have compassion for yourself and them.  Allot of my new age brothers and sisters talk a great deal about unresolved feelings taking energy from us or chords (connections) that we have with others "draining" our vital energy.  Our energy on the higher plain is endless and we share that with our bodies.  No one can take it with out us choosing to give it.  That has to do with where beings focus.  There by it is a thing of change of intent. people feel dismayed when they focus on cutting chords with others or use "clearing" methods only to make the issue worse.  A being can not control others or their intentions.  The same being however can transcend ANYTHING if the focus they hold dictates it.  Nelson Mandela is a powerful example of the power of focus.  Simple is not always an indication of ease. One must be tenacious to pull focus from the external to the internal as well as from what waists energy to what feeds and expands energy.  When we linger too long with what is dead to us and indulge in regret and beat ourselves for "failing"  the focus is on the failing so we fail more.  If we hasten to dump the body and run we are caught in the web of denial and we can not move on. Our feet drag through thick heavy fears of facing what we left behind us.  Soon the fear turns to ice and get you become frozen in the same patterns. So when you as a practitioner use smudge, salt, stones, symbols to "Clear" this is a good practice. And the energies of nature will come to aid you.  Guide your focus inward toward a practice of love instead of the outward practice of control on external forces and influences.

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